Emergency Life Support Course (ELS)


The practice of Emergency Medicine requires a broad range of both knowledge and technical skills.

Many doctors, such as rural general practitioners and hospital medical officers, play an important and significant role in the delivery of emergency medical care to seriously ill patients. They often do so in relative isolation and without the benefit of on-site supervision by Emergency Medicine specialists.

The emergency management of seriously ill patients can be an infrequent and therefore frightening event for these doctors. A strong need exists for a comprehensive course that teaches the necessary skills and knowledge to these doctors to help them manage patients with medical emergencies safely and effectively.
In response to this need a group of Australian Emergency Medicine specialists have created the Emergency Life Support (ELS) Course and course manual.

The first ELS Course was held in Australia in Tamworth, New South Wales (NSW) in 1997.

By the end of 2005, 103 courses had been held in various locations throughout Australia and New Zealand and 1,800 medical practitioners had participated in the course. The ELS Course became an incorporated association in 1999 and as such, operates as a non-profit organisation, is self-funding, and continues to operate on the strength of its instructors who donate their time and expertise for free.

Schedule of Courses for 2016


ANU Clinical Skills Centre, The Canberra Hospital



Canberra, ACT



November 5th & 6th 2016

December 3rd & 4th 2016

Please contact ELS directly for any further information.
Phone: 02 4961 1400
Email: $Q$

Please Note: Additional courses may be added throughout the year.

ASEM Supports Emergency Life Support Courses For PNG!!

Image At a recent ELS course in NSW, ASEM President Dr Gayle McInerney presented a cheque for $3000 to ELS course convenor, Dr Greg McDonald and Dr Alfred Raka from PNG. ASEM is pleased to support the ELS Inc with it's plan to develop a course specifically tailored for the practice of emergency medicine in PNG.

ELS is also seeking donations of suitable teaching equipment - in particular training manequins that may have been "retired" from your hospital.

If you have any such equipment that may be suitable, please contact:
Dr John Kennedy c/- the ELS office at $Q$

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ABN: 64 231 328 255
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